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Founders, Align with Executives for the First Time

Inspired by a trip to the zoo, and seeing some diverse movement patterns. Interesting thought, "what if a rhino and a bear shared how to cross a field?"

For new founders, and those who recently raised a "mega-round", it's important to align with your new executives before-and-after signing equity agreements. Like a rhino and a bear, you're going to have different POVs on metrics, growth, and how financial and technical decisions impact your long-term trajectory. Unlike a rhino and bear, you're building an artificial entity. Your decisions now can pigeon hole you into brand, product, and growth trajectories that may not make sense for your Series B or C check. Here's some brainfood: 1. How do you view investment? CFOs and Founder's may be interested in cashflow and growth. A Sales VP may understand an amazing team is going to go farther, long-term. Conversations may be lobsided around investment in people or tech, if you don't align on POV. 2. Where are your company's hind-quarters? What is the real driver of growth for you? Is it really your people, strategy, access and knowledge of your TAM? As a founder, you should know this, but everyone is moving around in your figurative Leviathan. Aligning helps.

3. What does the competitive landscape look like? Maybe you hire an amazing VP of Sales or Product with experience building into enterprise. If you're currently growing in SME, you might be ready to double down here. Your team might make infrastructure or investment decisions based on an equally accurate, but differently angled perspective of the environment. Talk to your investors if you're not sure. They've seen and done this before. You can usually find something useful and actionable for today, and get the ball rolling on a long-term relationship that works for your employees, company, and market.

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