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Remote Customer Success. 101

Hi squad, wanted to share some ideas on working remote. With more companies moving remote as a precaution against coronavirus, here's a few ideas for maintaining (or even improving) customer success culture as you move remote. Principle 1: Take care of people first Most people take office jobs because they like the energy, the socialization, and the continuous learning that happens in office. This can still happen with a distributed team, but it doesn't just appear organically - you have to curate it. An easy tactic is to Scrum every day. Scrums are quick meetings where team members can review their priorities, blockers, and questions. Do Scrum first thing in the morning (pajamas are welcome on scrum calls), and keep these sessions focused. A typical scrum structure will look like: 1. Share your 2-3 most important tasks for the day. 2. Discuss any blockers, and coordinate resources across support, solutions, and product.

3. A bit of open floor time, if appropriate. Share ideas, interesting use cases, wins, loses. Basically, recreate business-y water cooler talks.

Another idea is to host a weekly "coffee break" or Zoom happy hour, for folks to de-frag, and talk to their work family they are no longer seeing daily. Work is off limits, pets are welcome on these calls, and people should bring a delicious beverage or snack.

Principle 2: Blow up Slack

Slack, or Teams, or whatever collaboration and chat tool you use, will be your bet friend. Look into some apps and power ups if you haven't. Giphy is an awesome one to keep some semblance of culture (/giphy puppers is a good command to have memorized for slack) Check in with your peers regularly, and have CSM DMs to review cases, and generally keep an open loop. If your team isn't used to communicating in Slack because you usually are sitting 3 feet away from each other, you need to be the driver of these discussions. Principle 3: Actually do 1:1s

Ok...when was the last time you actually did 1:1s. Like, really did them. Not the "lets grab coffee, or maybe talk for 15 minutes" thing...but a proper business review between managers and CSMs? Do these, set them on the calendar, and treat it like a client meeting. Don't miss it for any reason. If your team is used to in-person feedback, a quick 1:1 can help reassure the squad they are appreciated, and you still have their back. Anything you'd add?

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